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Anyone up size to 225-45-18s on stock 18 inch rims

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The Continental tire I like does not come in 215-45-18.
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The Continental tire I like does not come in 215-45-18.
Perfectly fine.
Pic anyone? I'm looking thru the giant thread and have not come across any pictures of this combination.

Also, just checking - stock 18 inch rim is 7 inches wide, right?
How about 235/40/18. I am about to purchase them before confirm from you guys. haha
245/35/18 haha?
I'm running gen 1 speed 3 wheels on 225 40 18 on a 7inch wheel. No issues


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How about Gen 2 speed 3 wheels on 215 45 18 tires, will it fit?

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well mazda 3 wheels should fit on a mazda 3:| Not sure what you are asking?
215/45/18 = 25.6" (65mph)
225/45/18 = 26.0" (65.9mph)
215/45/18 = 25.6" (65mph)
225/45/18 = 26.0" (65.9mph)
Is this ok?

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It's pretty minimal. I'd think you would adjust.
It's perfectly fine. I have blizzaks in 225-45-18 on the stock rims. No issues at all. I just got some potenza re-760 sports in that size for my summer wheels. No issue with those as well.
The stock 18s are 7" wide. The widest safe width is 225s. Anything wider is not recommended.
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