Hi! You can look at the earlier thread I posted about upgrading my CMU in my 2015 sGT. At the time, I thought I was the only person with what turned out to be the Seattle/KUOW/CMU issue.
I found and bought a new unit and screen online from a scavenged parts dealer that came from a 2017 and I installed it. It worked perfectly.
I decided that while I was at it I would make an appointment at my dealer to get the CarPlay upgrade. Seemed easiest to just have them do it. When I picked up my car, the CarPlay and Android Auto options were now on the screen but greyed out. Nothing would fix it. Like, nothing. I tried every trick the internet suggested.
I took it back to the dealer and they tried a bunch of things, but nothing they tried fixed it, either. Finally, they put in a “known good” CMU and that did the trick. They left it in there as a warranty replacement.
I say all of this to tell you that I now have a perfectly good CMU that will fit into a BN or BM 3, and which works 100% perfectly (I connected my phone, played the radio, used the nav…everything) except for the fact that it won’t run the CarPlay/AA upgrade, for whatever reason. I just want to be 100% up front about the whole story behind it.
If you are a Seattle owner whose CMU was bricked by the KUOW thing, I feel your pain. The nonstop rebooting is super annoying.
I will sell this unit for $200. That’s less than I paid, but I kept the newer screen. You can install it in 45 minutes. It has the latest firmware (74.something… I can confirm for you), installed by the dealer. If nothing else, it will get you through until Mazda can replace your unit, which could be a while. If you don’t care about CarPlay/AA, it can be a permanent replacement.

  • 2017 CMU (BANF 66 9C0 E)
  • Won’t run CarPlay/Android Auto, for some reason, but otherwise works perfectly
  • $200
  • Prefer a Seattle pick-up, ‘cause I’d like to help out a neighbor who has the same problem and I know how long the wait might be. I just got lucky.
DM me if you’re interested.