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Another New Guys

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Just joining figured I'd take the first "notices" message to heart and send out a hello to the forum.

I have had my Mazda, 2015 Mazda 3 GT Sport, a couple years now and have done tons of mods . . . pretty much have the line up from CorkSport, its lowered, has adjustable struts, adjustable camber arms/plates (front & rear), intake, cold air box, cat back exhaust, rear stabilizer bar, front strut tower bar, blacked out all the chrome, custom wing from China, curb sensor kit, changed the colors on the display, Android Auto, factory ground effects package . . . I am sure there is stuff I am missing.

Adding some pictures, hope you enjoy.

I am hear to find new ideas for tuning and hopefully to network into some performance Q&A's . . . I'd love to find a good dyno shop in the SF Bay Area if anyone knows one, or a good tuner?

I was lucky enough to score a track day at Sonoma Raceway soon and will post some picts, or video.

Cheers . . . Tim


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Welcome aboard.

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