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Android Auto officially coming to Mazda

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Interesting. I did reach out to Mazda earlier this week to see if I could become an official tester for them. Their response was to watch the website (Mazda USA in my case) as their team has made significant headway and there would be some sort of announcement soon. I would love if it did come within the month as I have a road trip at the end of June that I'd love to have AA for.
Looks like Ford just rolled out Android Auto to their 2016 cars via an update. Would love to say that this is hopefully a sign that others are close but the article said they had hired 400 people to pull it off.


Really hoping the email I got plus the odd article out of the Philippines point this way though. (And still can't find who I need to actually talk to in order to become a beta tester.)
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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