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This is a very strange situation and I've tried everything and checked so many forums and asked so many people and even had professional audio installed check and still nothing. Finally going to post about it in hopes of finding an answer since I'm out of options.

First things first I'll give you my details on what I have and what I did so there's no confusion;
2012 Mazda3 Skyactiv 6 Spd
8 Alpine Type R speakers
2 12" Type R subs
Kenwood Excelon mono amp
Wet Sounds 6 channel amp
Yellow Top Optima Battery
Stock 110amp alternator
Sony double din deck
1/0g Big 3 upgrade
1/0g power wire and ground
2 distribution blocks, 1 on power 1 on ground. 6 channel amp runs away from the cap. Both amps use 4g wires to the distribution blocks.
5 farad cap for the mono amp.

So basically, I start my car, turn my Bluetooth on and start enjoying my music at a moderate level. It's never ear numbing loud imo. After a while my 6 channel amp (or deck?) cuts out for a second, then cuts back in with a loud POP before playing music again. Subs keep playing the whole way through. This happens at any volume and even when no music is playing.
Low RPMs (below 2500) is the only time it happens. But only in gear below, down shifting, the beginning of accelerating (instant I press the gas), in gear with low rpm and the instant I press the clutch. If I throw in the clutch above 2500 and coast to stop then I'm good and it won't pop, If I'm at a stop and accelerate and continue to shift up its fine. It seems to happen more and more the hotter it gets outside and the longer I drive (overheating?)

The grounds have all been checked, the wires are all good, everything is brand new, there's no light dimming. The amp was ran direct and still happens. Even had a professional installer check everything out and a local shop.

Could it just be my electrical system is fucked?
I just found a YouTube video before writing this talking about how some stock decks use a 6v wire and most aftermarkets use 12v so it's grounding it?

Any ideas? Anyone?
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