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Afternoon guys n gals,
Im rocking a 2.0 3 from 07, faceliiiiift 馃.
I was driving over to the local halfords to get some paint for the interior and noticed a knocking sound front right. Upon getting home i opened the bonnet and noticed one of my top strut mounts has completely sheared, must be the 300 or so speedbumps and Great British road network in my area.
Heres the nitty gritty. Its a Mazda 3 2.0 2007 with a few unimportant mods and one important (possibly). The part is around 70 quid if i recall correctly. However, ive got adjustable coils from the previous owner * nice one Sean 馃挭 *.
Has anyone experienced this issue? I think the strut mount is the same as stock but I'm a novice as it stands and dont wanna F*** the doohickey.



Would it be safe to drive the 2 miles to the mechanic as the top bolt is spring loaded so i lack the tools and frankly, know how.
Also if anyone has had this issue, how much did it set you back?

Cheers 馃嵒.

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Its hard to see what the problem is with those tiny pictures....

You've likely been driving around for a while with a failed mount, a couple more miles now probably won't hurt as long as you take it slow. Its a pretty easy fix, but you'll need pull it apart to replace the mounts. Do both sides...if one failed the other can't be much better.... Its going to cost at couple hundred at least for labor on top of parts costs to fix it.

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That was a concern, i got my wheels aligned about 3 days ago and the knock only started the day after, ive been ringing around for a mobile mechanic but being a sunday im not getting anywhere. Im prepared for costs, i just want the 3 back on the road where she belongs. Ive attached a better photo of the issue and ill update as progress is made.
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