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Hey forum members have not been on here in a while, but wanted to alert everyone to the AkumaMotorsports Dyno Day. It is $75 for a max of three pulls. Here are the particulars!

Akuma Motorsports will be holding a Dyno Day/ Meet and Greet event on Saturday April 27th 2013 (rain date will be Saturday May 4th 2013). A great time will be had by all, refreshments will be provided as well as a friendly X-Box driving competition!

Dyno runs will consist of 3-4 pulls and will include "best-run" dyno plot printout and a professional evaluation/recommendation for future power goals.

Additional tuning needs can be scheduled that day.

In order for Akuma to keep the cost down ($75 per event), we will need a minimum of 15-customers. Payment can be received via paypal ([email protected]) or at the shop directly (address below).

4-9-13 Update: We have upped the fun factor by giving a 1/2 price discount to 450 WHP cars and FREE pulls to cars producing 500+ WHP! This applies to all 4-cyl models

We will provide a list of members that have committed to a slot and update the list on a daily basis. Only confirmed slots will be scheduled that day (April 27th) so we can guarantee your event. Walk-ins are welcome as well but can not be guaranteed.

Please contact Kevin for any additional information.

Akuma Motorsports LLC
2 Amboy Ave. Suite 7
Woodbridge NJ, 07095
[email protected]

Akuma already works on quite a few Ms3's and there is actually one right now getting a motor build!

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Big shout out for Akuma Motorsports. We actually had a long discussion about your work today when we were changing out the inlet on a WRX my boy drives. He had nothing but great comments about you guys and his word is gold with us.
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