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Mazda 3s 2005 2.3L hatchback, 126k miles

Hey, so I got an error code B1884 and B1013.

Error B1884 I've read around that it could be a burned airbag light. In the service manual it says

Turn the ignition switch to the ON position.
•Yes ? Go to the next step
• Does the PAD indicator illuminate? If no go to Step 6"

I have never seen a PAD indicator on my car ever since I bought it. Service manual tells me to do a whole bunch of stuff:

Long story short, to check the SAS module and if the module itself is bad replace it, or if the wiring harness is bad to replace it.

My question is, if its just a burned light must I really replace the entire SAS module?
Also if its just a burned light how can I replace it?

B1013 is concerning seat weight sensor. Which also tells me to replace the SAS Module if I perform a seat weight calibration and gives positive results (unfortunately I don't have a WDS to perform calibration.

So could these two be related to each other?

I want to approach the most inexpensive solution first (replacing the burned bulb) but I would like some help doing that, or advice on what to do.

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