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I also replaced the air filter with the oil change on the 3.

I'd done it at 10k and forgot about those tabs on one side. Luckily, I got it put back in there correctly then, because the tabs were behind the raised slots. This is a 2016 GT 2.5.

My wife has keen hearing. She said something did not sound right. I could not hear it, but I checked the air cleaner housing anyway. Well, I'd not gotten the tabs underneath the raised slots. It'd only gone about 16 miles with this partial bypassing.

This is the first vehicle I've owned that does not have clips all the way around. The air cleaner box on the MX-5 is also equally tricky and has even less room for manipulation of the box hardware. Those old circular ones with generally a single wing nut holding them in place were really simple to change the air cleaner on.

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