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2018 Mazda3 Grand Touring
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Okay so I just purchased a Mazda3 today. I have done some searching and reading, if I could get a solid answer to a couple questions that would be great.

First question: My Mazda does not have Android auto support, I do not need to buy any additional hardware I should be able to just install Mazda AIO Tweaks and Android auto should work, yeah?

The FW version I am on is 59.502. I'm a little confused on what version are recommended for what hardware. Since my hardware is older should I leave it on 59? Is it even possible to upgrade old hardware to 70?

Next, I have the GT with the flip up HUD speedometer, I have seen people talk about that not working with certain versions, is there an issue I should be aware of?

Finally, what am I missing out that was removed from the forums? Any features worth scouring the internet for? (Edit: Looks like WiFi android auto may be the culprit? It appears that it's still in AIO Tweaks but maybe just not the latest version? Idk I found a version of the illusive 1.14b True_go... if anyone knows what is so special about it?

The screen is cracked and I had assumed touch didn't work but it looks like it's just disabled anyways.
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