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Good morning, I was hit from behind in my Mazda 3 2014 and damaged the rear sensors. As the control unit failed even after changing them they told me that they had to update the software of the car so from the version I had of the OS 56.00.230 EU they have passed me to 74.00324 EU so I have lost everything I had installed with AIO including the A / A which has been a shame (and also still failing the control unit of the sensors 😡).

My question is if with the latest version of Mazda AIO v2.8.6 (which I see on the web that is the latest) can be used now in my car with my OS 74.xxx, on the one hand to modify certain things like the wallpaper, touch control and various things that I had installed before and above all, if there is still a possibility now to install A / A also, although I imagine that this will be even more complicated ....

Thank you very much as always for your help
1 - 1 of 9524 Posts