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Hello Siutsch and everybody.
I write some shell codes to improve/enhance the functionality of AIO.
I hope would be useful.

- Compressed backups of Linux critical folders and some folders which tweaks may made modifications.
- IP and MAC address identification.
- running process list in CMU
- full directory structure-permissions-dates-sizes
- list of executable commands
- the values of non-volatile memory flags
- mounts points
- disk usage
- network info
- fw (iptables) info
- ttymxcN registers (I think these are semi intelligent serial devices of car. GPS device may be N=2.)

It is attached, enjoy. :)

Note: I couldn't attach zipped form of this file. I got an error "tweaks.zip is too large. Max allowed: 0KB". ".sh" is not a valid extension. So attached as .txt. Please rename it. :wink:
Wow, this is impressive. What’s the next step for AIO? Carplay is more and more sounding like something we should have had in the past. Can anyone link Waze to AIO?
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