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After more than 20 years it was time for a new car!

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Hey everyone.

I just bought a 2015 Mazda 3 s Touring last week. This is my second car ever. I drove my first and previous car for more than 20 years! I was really sad to get rid of the car that got me through my youth, but after nearly 300k miles it was time. :crying2:

What a difference... Airbags? Anti-lock brakes? I feel so fancy. I'm coming from a RWD, so the FWD is interesting. It feels like I'm being pulled rather than pushed when taking sharp curves.

Can anyone recommend some essential tools/accessories?

Anyway. I'm really happy with my purchase. :smile2:
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Like Audi used to say, "Ees better to pool ze car zan to poosh eet"..:smile2:
Tools? Nothing really special to do basic repair etc, just some metric wrenches, a torque wrench or three, metric socket sets and ratchets of varying sizes, the usual stuff you'd need for any car. I find ratcheting box ends like the GearWrench stuff are pretty handy. You'll probably want a good OBD scanner too, one that can read the data streams from all the sensors, ABS codes etc. There are a bunch of different specialty tools also depending on what you'll be doing.:smile2:
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