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Yesterday evening around 6:30pm, I left work and was heading south out of Mpls on 35W. Everytime I pass the highway level bus terminals at 46th street, I always think of what a great spot it would be for a cop to hide. This time, as I looked down the bus lane I noticed a State Patrol car sitting there, waiting to nail someone for speeding. I wasn't speeding but there were two cars coming up on me very quickly in the carpool lane doing about 70mph. We all passed the trooper and I watched in my rearview mirror as he slowly pulled out to follow them. By the time he actually got up to speed, two other cars had gotten in between him and the speeding vehicles. He rode their butts for a bit, trying to coax them along, but never did flip on his lights to run them down.

At this point, he was just behind me on the driverside of my car. I watched him closely and noticed that he had slowed down and taken his eyes off the vehicles in front of him. He was now looking over my car. The trooper slowed a little more and then signaled into my lane behind me. I knew exactly what he was doing... if he couldn't run down the car he was originally going to go after, he was still determined to pull someone over for somethine. My only reaction was, 'you gotta be friggen kidding me?!?'. I was already late for a meeting and this would just make things worse. As I continued south, we got just past the Crosstown split and then he flipped his lights on to pull me over. Once I was at a complete stop, I put down my driver side window, and grabbed my license, insurance card and my script for tint.

The trooper approached my car slowly, and then stated why he had pulled me over. I mentioned that I had a doc's script for the tint, and his reaction was 'good for you'. I handed it to him. He looked it over, asked a few questions and then rudely told me to put down my rear window. I think he was a little ticked that I had a script and that it was likely he would not be able to issue a ticket. He pulled out his meter, tested my rear window and then said the reading out loud. I was actually surprised to hear that it was actually lighter than what the tint manufacturer claimed... and lighter than my script stated. Either the meter was off or my tint was incorrect, either way, that was good for me. The trooper took my license and insurance card, and then walked back to his car. He sat in there for a couple minutes to check everything over, and then returned, handed me my documents, and said 'you're welcome to continue on your way. Have a nice day.' I could easily see that he was a bit frustrated about the fact that he couldn't ticket me for anything. Once I was back up to speed, I had to laugh a little about the whole situation.

This was the first time getting pulled over for tint, and I have had my car tinted up for over 2 years. I always thought I would get stopped in Eden Prairie, but it ended up being in Minneapolis, by a bored Trooper. LOL! :cheesy:

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