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Hi guys,

I've been checking several forums related to body kits and the OEM aero kit, but I wanted to create this one to share how much is charging the Mazda dealer for installing the aero kit.

I'm living in Charlotte N.C. and I've got two quotes so far:

Dealer 1 - $454.99 including the front air dam, rear diffuser and side sill extensions.

Dealer 2 - $375.00 including the front air dam, rear diffuser and side sill extensions and side mirror caps.

I think the price is a little bit high, but maybe you can provide more info and prices from your local Mazda dealers.

Any info will be appreciated.

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My dealer was asking roughly $500 as well.

Pro-tip to save you some money from someone who installed the Aero kit himself:
Do the front and skirts yourself. Get a quote for just the rear diffuser install.

Skirts are literally 2 minutes per side. (Pop off covers on vehicle, remove a screw in fender, pop the skirt on with the clips, reinstall screw, remove tape from rear and stick to body)
The front requires drilling 2 holes, which is easy with included template, and the rest is just tape, and a metal bracket with tape.

I have a thread here with everything you need to know.
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