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AEM Short Ram Intake for 2 liter Mazda 3

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First the goodies:

And here comes the bad part:

Our officially listed part number from AEM is 21-773C for the 2 liter

Everything fits except the kit's heat shield has a different cut out hole and diameter from the factory heat shield, so the factory scoop that should be reused/reinstalled as per the instruction manual DOES NOT FIT

Now, being a kit this is a big oversight from AEM. Unfortunately AEM after sales service sucks. You are left hanging and on your own.

Sure you can use the filter without the factory intake duct similar to its sister company's (K&N) design, but a kit is a kit, so that's that.

Buyer beware.
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Nice video. Having owned an S2000, I feel the only thing missing from the Skyactiv engine is Vtec engaging at 6k and rev to 8 grand!!!

This engine Sounds so good with this setup.
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