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AEM Short Ram Intake for 2 liter Mazda 3

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First the goodies:

And here comes the bad part:

Our officially listed part number from AEM is 21-773C for the 2 liter

Everything fits except the kit's heat shield has a different cut out hole and diameter from the factory heat shield, so the factory scoop that should be reused/reinstalled as per the instruction manual DOES NOT FIT

Now, being a kit this is a big oversight from AEM. Unfortunately AEM after sales service sucks. You are left hanging and on your own.

Sure you can use the filter without the factory intake duct similar to its sister company's (K&N) design, but a kit is a kit, so that's that.

Buyer beware.
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Known issue, AEM doesn't care. Good reason to not buy anything from them.
I had the same intake, had the same fitment problem, the response from AEM was "Oh, sorry". I sent it back for a full refund and won't ever buy from them again. Seems things have not changed since then and they are still selling crap that doesn't work.
Holy dramatic - its unfortunate sure, but a little over the top if you ask me.

Yes, terrible non existent customer service. Specially their customer service representative Suzanne Olivas, she represents AEM and K&N in a very VERY BAD light and tarnishes their reputation.

AEM knows the problem, they actually corrected this, have a look at their website manual for the kit. The diagram in their manual now has the corrected heat shield cut out and diameter. They changed it. Its very unfortunate that they did not recall older kits still on the selves (which i obviously unfortunately bought just a few months ago), nor automatically sends corrected heat shield for cases like us.
I'm sure its frustrating but they probably have a call center type place, its not as consumer friendly as say cork-sport where you can actually talk to someone direct. Its unfortunate, but your best bet would be go to an autoshop that deals with AEM directly and tell them what happened and see if they can call AEM for a replacement part on your behalf- you might get a better response from a dealer perspective. I have the luxury of dealing at a wholesale level with Autoparts, any issues I have can get sent back with an RA number, usually no questions asked.

Worth a shot
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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