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Advice needed: big brake kit project - fastbrakes.com

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I think that brakes are the weak link in term of my car’s performance.

My car feels much quicker and more agile after I replaced the stock rims with performance lightweight alloys and after I fired an electronically controlled active suspension.

After extensive online research, I came across www.fastbrakes.com (as directly recommended by Willwood when I contacted them about brake kits for the 2014- Mazda 3).

(I am NOT affiliated in any shape of form to fastbrakes.com, but they seem to be offering a lot of brake for the money.)

Fastbrakes now offer two big brake kits for our Mazda 3, one with 4 pots calipers, the other one with a 6 pot caliper.



I’ve been talking to Brian, who’s been very helpful and who actually just fitted 6 pots to his own 2.5 litre Mazda 3.


I’m thinking of making the following upgrades to my brakes:


Willwood’s Forged Narrow Superlite 6R Dust Seal 6 pot calipers:


They look great, are forged and light, with stainless steel pistons and weather seals.

(That deep blue is my favourite colour, I think they’d go well with my red Mazda in an understated look.)


2-piece rotors in 330x32 mm.

A good option seem to be StopTech AeroRotors:



Im planning on fitting a pair of Mazda 6 calipers. Did anyone try to see if they fit?

I bought a pair from eBay for only £40. Would cost me £165 to get them stripped clean, replace all the moving parts and get them powder coated in 3 layers.

They should look like the calipers below:


? 2-piece 300mm rotors


I like the EBC YellowStuff, which I’ll probably fit on the rear. On the front are a few options, need to look more into it.



I’m interested in finding out your thoughts about my project and would be great if you’d offer me any recommendations.

I’m pretty new to the practice of modifying my car, but it has become a bit of an obsession!

I’d really appreciate your thoughts on the above - particularly if anyone dealt with fastbrakes.com in the past!?
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It seems to me that you are going way overboard when likely all you need is a pad upgrade.

I find it hard to believe that you are getting brake temps well over 1200*F on the street, and if so, certainly not safely.

BBK's are more about heat management than all out stopping power, you are also limited by tire/pavement traction on exactly how much of that extra brake torque translates to reduce stopping distance.

Sure AP kits are the absolute most bad-ass kits you can get, but unless you are on track a lot, and with some super sticky tires, they are for naught.

As for rear calipers, even for track use, the OEM rears are so underutilized I wouldn't bother.
People have mentioned pad upgrades. What pad upgrades?
I haven't found a single semi-metallic front pad for a Mexico-built 2018 GT. Everything is ceramic.

Are Mazda 6s in the same boat or do they have actual pad options from popular manufacturers (Hawk, StopTech, Akebono, etc.)?
If they do, that warrants a caliper swap by itself.

Also, non-vented rear discs bug me...
EBC YellowStuff 4000 Series Street - Race Track Brake Pad Set | Place for Brakes

GLoc pads *may* fit but unconfirmed
Search: Brake Pads - G-LOC Brakes

I think there are a couple more but can't find the links.

But yeah, finding a caliper with more pad choice is really the main reason for doing a swap.
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