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I thought that this may be somewhat helpful to members?
While I hold for almost 30 years a current ASE Mater Technician L1,L2, certification and California Emission Licence. I also keep myself well updated on the lasted technology more specifically in the PERFORMANCE parts industry. I never the less at times own a vehicle which does not really fit my normal consideration for what I would deem to be a worth while investment in upgrading to performance levels. However I have thus far enjoyed my M3 and will tinker around with projects for fun sake. Since I am still some what a new here on this forum and many are still getting to know me a few members reading many of my responses have been now pm'ing for advise as they seem to feel that at times the threads are confusing to them for answers and oftentimes result in a feeling of unresolve for choosing some part upgrades. So this thread may help with the first foundation that everyone either experienced or new to Performance upgrades should think about and consider a basic plan of action for upgrading engine Performance parts.

MAZDA Parts upgrades THINK

Always do a thorough check and evaluate the condition of your MAZDA prior to any modification. It might be common sense but unfortunately it is not always the case when adding new upgrades to your MAZDA.

This means if you do not know the mechanical condition or current state of engine operation don’t assume anything. Check everything. All too often lately many have been doing performance upgrades only to have issues and assume that it is the new parts installed.
ANY engine upgrade that will improve the level of performance like horse power or torque will also exponentially increase an already existing engine problem.
This means that not only have you created bigger problems but you have made it much more difficult to trace the original source of the problem.

Consider everything needed for any upgrade and also how one upgrade will effect all the other parts already on your MAZDA before you install them. Check carefully every new part by fully examining them prior to the installation. And don’t cut corners to make things easier for the install.
There are more than enough qualified people i.e. Vendors, Shops, ECU tuners, manufactures etc. around willing to help you in the decisions of upgrades and to suggest additional parts that might be needed or servicing with your new upgraded parts BEFORE you install them.

Careful consideration and planning of your upgrades can save you disappointment and most of all money.

Because many MAZDA's on this forum are over 5 or more years old and some approaching more then 80k+ miles it is VERY important to take the time and do a simple compression test of your engine before ANY new engine modification are installed.

There are to many problems that are not indicated before new performance engine parts are installed. Installing them without a simple compression test will make it extremely difficult to track down problems after there install.

All shops doing installs of performance engine parts should make this part of the installation process of new engine performance parts. It takes less then 30 minutes with experienced technicians and anyone can do it to their own MAZDA in about an hour.

Recently several problems have been brought to my attention for resolution about new performance parts installed by both shops and garage DIYer's via PM's.

After spending some time to help with these issues and parts being suspect the results were, the prior (pre existing)operating condition of the MAZDA less than even factory specification,none related parts broken,dirty, damaged. Improper installation or installation procedures damaging new parts. The short block or lower engine worn out indicated by a subsequent compression and leak down evaluation after new performance parts installed. These are just a few which could have saved the owner a lot of time and money had one basic pre compression test performed.

One other thing...DONT get discourage by some members saying that you will never feel or get only but a very small result of some upgrades you do. Remember that very small thing that adds even a small about will eventually add up to something worth while.

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Really good to see this written out and honestly should be pinned on the performance page.

Not just with performance mods but most mods in general people overlook the simple preparation that should be done (and im sure i have been guilty of it at least once). More thought, preparation and care will help your vehicle last longer! And as you mentioned, could save you time and money
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