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Last fall I added the OEM fog lights to my car with no improvement to lighting the shoulders at all, I currently drive 180 miles 3 times a week through the hill country at 5am to head to school and deer are everywhere, In the spring ill be putting 1000 miles on my car weekly so I wanted to be sure I wouldn't hit any deer on my commute I've had too many close calls .I was looking to add some KC apollo fog lights to view the shoulders and some KC daylighters that come on with the high beams. I was wanting to know if anybody had experience with tying into the stock highbeams to run the relays I attached the diagram that kc had and I was wanting to T the daylighters into the high beams and I wasn't sure what to T the Apollos into bc I will be replacing my oem fogs and running them in there place.
I just want to be sure I wont be messing up any modules because I know on my 06 Ram they integrated the taillights into a power module and if it shorted you needed to find a whole new TIPM :thumbdown 1:.
I hope to knock this out once finals are over (Dec 16), Thats also the reason i've all but disappeared from the forums

Any help is appreciated. I just want to be sure the draw from the relay wont mess up anything or blow fuses.

Thanks yall
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