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so i just bought a 2008 3 with the NA 2.3

one thing i want to do to it is add an oil pressure and voltage gauge, probably in the a pillar, because that looks cool. im having a hard time finding a replacment pillar with 2 gauge pods, so i might just get the 3 pod one and throw an oil temp gauge in there as well. i might get the screw on 2 pod thingy, but id have to paint it gray, and i feel like that would look tacky compared to a whole pillar replacement.

so if someone knows of a company that makes a full pillar, with 2 pods, the same gray color as the interior, that would be awesome.

if not im looking at the best way to attach an oil pressure and temperature sensor. i havent had my car on a lift yet, but from pictures it looks like there might be enough room to just install an NPT "T" on the factory pressure sensor. i wonder if there would be enough room to daisy chain 2 "T"s so i can have all 3 sensors. im a little hesitant to use a nipple and run a hose like some kits have you do.

the other option would be a sandwich plate with some auxiliary holes. it looks like my car takes the cartridge style filters, and ive seen this spin on conversion all over the place, but it always says its for the speed3. is the 2.3 non turbo essentially the same as the turbo 2.3?

thanks for reading all of this, ive been searching for an hour or so, and a little here and there the last couple days.
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