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ac compressor problems

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I am reading a lot of article and posts discuss about ac compressor problems.
Seems the air conditioner compressor of Mazda 3 especially 2004-2009 has more problems,comparing with other models car.For my experience, I have a 2009 Mazda 3, 2.5L and I found the effect of air conditioning is poor when in summer hot days ,but I feel it's good in night or on cloudy days with no sun.
Why ? I am a little confused.Who can explain this ?
Have you ever experienced with your Mazda 3 and what do you think?
Thank you.
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I did a quick look using my account with ALL Data and IndentiFix and could not find any support that there is any specific model MAZDA that has any more AC issues than other models. I also causally looked for TSBs relating to AC issues .

I suggest to go to your local grocery store and purchase a temperature gauge used for cooking. Place this in the vents and get a reading with the AC on high. Also check the ambient(outside air temperature) then return to this thread and report what you found. Then a member or 2 that has experience with AC service can give you better answers to the questions you are asking or at least suggest a plan of action on what you may be able to do.
Pictured below are the gauges I mention that I use all the time for various projects and help to diagnoses temperature related problems. I also use hand held Raytek Mini Temp for anything (except reflective material) to get a temperature reading.

The number one complaint EVERY YEAR at the beginning of summer is customers that say AC not working well. Many dangerously over pressurize there system thinking it must be low on refrigerant.

Naturally the best advise is to take to a service shop that advertises AC/Heating service.

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