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07 Mazda 3 Sport Hatchback

Let me first say that I have MANUAL climate control and I am aware that when the temp control knob is turned all the way to cold, that the A/C comes on.

My current issue is this, frequently when I turn the temp control knob to warm or colder air, the A/C comes on and the A/C light and recirculating air light comes on when the fan is at 1-4. When the fan is at 0, the recirculating light only comes on until the fan is turned to 1-4 then the A/C and A/C light also comes on.
I have to manually turn the A/C and recirculating off almost every time I adjust the temp control knob.
I am not familiar with the inner workings of the unit but I do know that my entire A/C compressor and components were replaced a couple years ago.

It appears that the cable that the temp control knob is connected to is forcing the A/C on either at the Climate Control Module or the A/C end of the cable.

Anyone know how I can check and/or fix the issue? Anyone else have this issue?

Reminder this is Manual Climate Control.
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