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So here is what I have done. My Mazda has the standard 6 speaker audio system. I wanted to upgrade the sound but not to pay a lot. As the car is driven by my girlfriend and she does not care about the sound I decided to change the stock speakers to the ones coming from Bose setup. I come from Poland and here it is easy to get anything you want for your car in used condition.

I started with tweeters. I purchased the used Bose tweeters coming from 2015 Mazda 3 for the price of 10$ each. I used the tutorial posted here and??? And it turned out that the Bose tweeter has a bigger connector than the standard tweeter. Both connectors are 2 wires but different shape and size. So in order to connect the Bose tweeters I had to use wire taps.

So if you want to make similar upgrade please have it in mind. What about the sound? It improved a lot by only changing the tweeters. Now I am looking for a good price for the door Bose woofers. I have seen some for around 40$ each but I am sure I will find a cheaper one it the nearest days.

If you have questions feel free to ask.

If you want to upgrade and have problems finding parts let me know maybe I can help.
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