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Master clutch cylinder failed 2 wks ago. Had that replaced.

Now I can't downshift into 2nd or 1st without double-clutching. Syncros are off.
Never had that problem before the master cylinder failed.
Dealer indicates failure is not clutch, but tranny.
Also indicated many parts inside the tranny have had design revisions since 2011 release.

I've driven stick since 1986. Never had a car's transmission die at 97K.

Till now.

My last Honda Civic went to 197K before I traded it in on the original clutch and tranny.

My only concern switching from Honda to Mazda was total cost of ownership.

Looks like those have been fully realized :-(

Any high failure rates on Mazda trannies I should know about? The comments about parts redesign caught my attention ...

Is a tranny from the boneyard my best option, or are there other routes?

Thanks for any insights.
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