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Hi guys!

So I just put in an order for Raceland Coilovers for my 3rd gen hatch and Im very excited to receive them this Tuesday! This is the first suspension mod that I have ever endured and I just wanted some feed back. First off, I know that raceland coil overs are definitely on the cheaper side of suspension mods. The regular price of these coils are $374.00 US dollars but there is a deal right now to get them for $299.00. I don't plan on tracking my car or driving aggressively. I ordered these coils just to lower my car about 1.7-2.0 inches to get rid of that nasty wheel gap. The manufacturer labeled the this set of coilovers to be usable from 1-3 inches. So these are my questions:

1). Will dropping my car 2 inches harm the break in period of these coil overs, making them dangerous to use later on? (Especially since these are cheap coil overs). In other words, should i gradually lower my vehicle or will a 2 inch drop from the beginning be ok?

2). How long should I wait until i get an alignment on my car? More specifically, how many miles should the coils be used on the car before it settles in for an alignment?

I would definitely appreciate the feed back from you guys! So thank you in advance :)
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