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245/35/R19 tires + 19x8 +40 wheels

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I was originally thinking about just installing a Corksport BBK but didn't like the idea of having to cut off part of the wheel studs for use with OEM wheels.

I then got carried away. Now I'd like to install the Corksport NotSoLow springs (1 inch front, 1.6 inch rear) + BBK, and get a new set of wheels and tires.

I did some digging on wheel/tire sizes and compatibility, and I ideally I'd like to have 245/40/R19 tires (Michelin PS4 A/S) + 19x8 (+32 offset) wheels.

I'm not sure about the wheel offset I should choose for the caliper and the tire. The wheels I want (Drag DR73) offer two offsets: +32 and +40.

The +32 will ensure the brakes will clear the wheel, but I'm worried the tires will rub on the body. With +40, I'll probably clear the brakes but I can add 3mm spacers if needed.

Which offset is ideal? Will it fit? Thanks!
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+32 you'll have some pretty big poke if you're into that look. Also with 19's and 245/40 I can guarantee you'll rub if those CS springs are even lower than the eibach ones I use. I already do with winters at 225 50 17 +38. Also it's not just offset you need to look at but also the rim design. Even with +35's the konig's wouldn't clear my bbk. Mind you I was looking for 17'' rims specifically.
Hey, thanks for your input!

I definitely don't want the wheels sticking beyond the body; I'm looking for what it may look like if Mazda did OEM 19in wheels with good brakes. I was basing my configuration on this video, where the Konig 18x8 +35 wheels and 215/45R18 tires easily cleared the Corksport BBK. I figured by dropping the sidewall ratio to 40, the 245/40R19 would be (pretty much) comparable to 215/45R18, in terms of diameter.

There's also this, which is the wheel I want installed on a CX-30 (but with 20x8.5 +38 wheels) and 225/40R20 tires.
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I figured rubbing wouldn't be such a concern since the "NotSoLow" kit isn't an aggressive drop. The eibach drop is 1.5 front and 2.0 rear, while the Corksport is 1.0 front and 1.6 rear. I don't mind omitting the lowering springs if that prevents the tires from rubbing.

So the safest bet would be to use 19x8 +40 / 245 40R19 (+spacers if needed) and to skip the lowering kit?

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On stock suspension you should be good. Your package would be about 1'' taller than stock but stock suspension sits pretty high.
Hmm... I see from the tire size calculator that the diameter increases from 26.0" to 26.7" when I go from 225mm (current setup) to 245mm. Definitely should be fine on stock springs, and I think it might just fit with the NotSoLow springs, since I feel the suspension sits quite high even with 225mm tires on stock wheels.

The more aggressive CS lowering springs drops it another 0.5", so if that setup clears stock tires, I think the NotSoLow springs should clear a slightly larger tire.

If there is a conflict, it's a matter of picking either wider tires or lower suspension. I'll take the wider tire in that case.

+38 is basically as flush as can be.
That's very useful to know. I've adjusted to 19x8 +40 / 245 40R19 + NotSoLow springs, and I'll add the minimum spacer required (if any) to clear the brakes.

Thanks again! Will post updates and results.

EDIT: I just realized I could just drop the tire sidewall ratio from 40 to 35, and that brings everything back into spec. So, 19x8 +40 / 245 35R19 + NotSoLow springs.

Need to start watching for potholes, though...
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Got tires mounted on the wheels and installed them today. It's just barely flush.

Love how it looks already; can't wait to see it with NotSoLow springs & big brakes (arriving later this week).

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Finished lowering it today. No rubbing whatsoever, even on pothole-heavy roads and tight turns.

Tried to install the BBK too but the brake line flare nut is seized and now damn near stripped.

Now waiting on a MAP torch, flare wrenches, and some divine intervention. And yes, black lug nuts are on the way.

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I keep professing my love for this product and rust treatment.
I drive the car on salted roads and shes 10 years old and never had a seized nut or bolt

Not sure if its available in your area.
It works but it does drip for days

But it does keep your nuts from sticking

They do make a fast acting penetrate
My nearest dealer is two states away, but since it's only ~$120 and pretty much a one-time application, I'm now definitely considering it.
My flare nut was also seized when I installed a bbk. The best way I found was to use one of those locking pliers to get it off. I kept slipping on flare nut wrenches.

@JoeMini did you have krown drill holes? or just skip that?
Thanks, took an hour but mapp torch and locking pliers worked for me.


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