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235/45r17 vs 235/40r17 on 17x8in 45mm offset

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Hi guys.

I am planning to get Summer wheels and tires for my 2011 mazda 3s GT sedan.
I have stock suspension and plan to keep it very close to stock if I ever decide to get coilovers or lower my car.

I will buy a set of 17x8'' 45mm offset wheels.
what which tires will fit my car best??
235/45r17 or 235/40r17

And does these size of tires require rolling of the fenders?

I tried doing a quick search but only found very few instances of these sizes for mazda 3.

Edit: I am thinking about Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 summer tires.
but I am open to suggestions.
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What tires?
235 might be a bit wide on an 8" rim depending on tire choice.
yes 235 is wide but that is why I am seeking for help here :)
I am thinking about Firestone Firehawks Indy 500 for price to performance.

And I think 235 is ok for 8in wide rim.
People are able to put 225/45r17 on the stock 7in wide rims. and 10mm more is way less than 1in.
Just my thought.
If performance is what you are looking for, 215 is good on an 8" rim. I have 205s on 7.5" rims and they are just right.
Just because the tire will go on the rim does not mean its right. Wider does not equate to better unless the tire fits properly on the rim.
Don't go by numbers you read on the internet. Many tires that have the same specs are not at all close in size.
but I want a more aggressive look for my car during the summer. and wider tires should technically give more traction and better handling.
I already have 205/50r17 on my oem rims for winters because for snow you want to be able to cut through the snow.
is 10mm going to make a huge difference in performance? I was thinking 225/45r17 minimum.

but was reading up on 235 on 8in or 245 on 9in and wanted to see if those size are doable or been done before without rolling the fenders and on stock suspension.
I went with Conti ExtremeContact DW 225/45r17 since they were on sale on Tirerack.
Time for me to get my 17x8 rpf1s
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