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Hi All, I purchased a 2018 Mazda 3 GS Sport back in early November and it was last serviced April 2022 with 62000 km. It is now at 66400 km, and I only put in 200 km since getting it earlier this month.
Today the orange wrench icon appeared on my dash which indicates a maintenance is needed I believe, but according to the car's maintenance information it shows scheduled maintenance is 4 months away / 7833 km, tire rotation is 5166 km, and oil change is 5576 km away. Should I still bring this into the dealer? Or is my car good for 4 months or 7833 km whichever comes first?
I'm a new driver and this is my first ever car purchase so I'm still learning all about cars and how to take care of it properly. Should I get a second opinion and go to a mechanic that works on Mazdas?

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