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Hey all, didn't see any body with experience so just though I would though this up.
I just finished installing an Evo-all remote starter on my 2018 manual transmission. I used the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 harness, and with the exception of 3 wires for the parking light (which are optional) everything else is plug and play and works perfect.
I will try to threw together a quick DIY in the next few days but really the only tool you need is a #2 Phillips to remove the lower clamshell around the wheel, a 10mm to disconnect the negitave battery cable and that's it.
Bought the kit from ebay. Contained the Evo-all, the harness, and the flash link for 225. I can even sell the flash link now as I don't need it anymore.
Any questions don't be afraid to ask and I'll try to help.
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