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2017 Mazda 3 hatchback fog lights

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Are the fog lights prewired? U-tube shows installing on 2015 Only need kit and switch. Anyone know if fog lights are different from the 2016? Couldn't get them at time of ordering and dealer said I could get them at dealer cost when available but not sure if I want to spend that amount of $$$ if installation is easy and Spyder lights fit as OEM.
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Bumping this old thread since it's the exact question I want to know. Anyone know if the 17-18 fogs use an H11 connector?
I am trying to install a set of switchback LED bulbs in the stock turn signal indicator location (lit white when not flashing amber for turn signal/hazards). I wanted to wire the lead for the switchback into the factory wiring harness for the fog lights so that I could use a factory turn signal stalk w/ fog light controls to turn them on and off.

Long story short, I pulled the fog light harness off of the blank placeholder, and it is NOT a H11 connector. It looks more like a Y47CX connector from what I can gather. This would require a Y48CX complimentary plug.

This forum won't let me post a link or image, but if you google "Findpigtails.com Y47CX" you should find it right away.

I am going to order a Y48CX wiring harness and see if it matches. Will confirm!
Sorry for the late reply, but just wanted to get it on record that the fog light wiring in place in the bumper is a Y47CX connector. The complimentary Y48CX connector I ordered fit perfectly!
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