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2017 Mazda 3 hatchback fog lights

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Are the fog lights prewired? U-tube shows installing on 2015 Only need kit and switch. Anyone know if fog lights are different from the 2016? Couldn't get them at time of ordering and dealer said I could get them at dealer cost when available but not sure if I want to spend that amount of $$$ if installation is easy and Spyder lights fit as OEM.
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I've just done some research here since I'm considering installing fog lights for my 2017.

Med Center Mazda, an online dealer that I bought my M3 floor and cargo mats from, sells the 2017 OEM LED kit (which includes the stalk switch and the lights) for $314 (including shipping): mazdaparts.org/mazda-3-fog-lamp-led.html

The part numbers:
Stalk switch: BALN66122
Lights: BALWV4600

This seems like a fair deal for the kit, you could save a few bucks by goin elsewhere but Med Center seems like a legit business so I'll stick with them.

I was also looking for high-quality non-OEM options, but can't find any. Some talk about MORIMOTO's LED and people seemed to like them, but they are apparently no longer available, see last pages: mazda3revolution.com/forums/2014-2016-mazda-3-skyactiv-how-guides/104482-installing-morimoto-mazda-type-z-led-fog-lights-5.html
I've seen mixed reviews of the Spyder fogs, and iJDMTOY seems to be doing pretty well on Amazon reviews. Seems like an open question whether or not they actually help, but those who've been able to adjust and focus them say that helps a ton.
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