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Hi guys

Here to share my study and retrofit of led headlight on mazda 3 hatachback.

After a lot of research on this forum and internet, can not find the 2017 2018 facelift headlight diagram, so I paid the inscription on mazda 3 USA official website, it's identically to the 2014 service manual already posted on the forum.

Wiring Diagram of factory
*if violate intellectual property, please let me know, I will delete it.



The service manual only gave few info., the most important is there is no info. about the plug on car side, and the color management is totally different lol....

Here is PDF of pin definition of both headlight type after testing my study.

Rear View: eye on cable side
Front View: eye on plug side
*these also cost me some time to understand.

Test Parking Light

Test DRL light ( in this case, the DRL will light up both led halo/strip and low beam(only 14w)

Test Lo/Hi Beam function

The result of retrofit (DRL power by ACC)

I will keep updating all the retrofit process, stay tuned


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