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I am curious if anyone has installed an Autostart 2-way command start on their Mazda 3 (automatic). I recently had one installed and I am having some issues and the installer told me that it is they way it is designed to operate.
Opening the car door will disengage the car (shut off the car) I understand that this is a normal safety feature. However it will also re-lock all the car doors within 60-90 seconds the car door is opened. I have locked my keys inside of the car while the car was running. Here is what happened:I started the car using the Autostart, I approach the car and open the rear passenger door which shuts the car off. I place my lunch back on the floor of the back seat on the drivers side. I then opened the front door and started the car using the push butter start (ignition). I got out of the car in order to clean off the car of snow. When I attempt to go back into the car all doors were locked. They only way of getting into the STARTED car is to have the actual key entered until the drivers door to unlock the door. Thankfully this happened in the driveway and I had my spare keys in the house.
So I've asked the installer if there is way to disable to Autostart relock function, and he said no that it is impossible and you have to live with it.
My Mazda autolock settings are set to lock when out of park, and to unlock when in park. I could change it to NO if it was the actually Mazda system causing the issue.
Has anyone else noticed this? Any work arounds?
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