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2016 3rd Gen Mazda Engine Internals for Rebuild

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Hey Guys,
Has anyone heard of anyone making performance internals for the 3rd Gen Mazda 3 yet? I have been chatting with engine builders and they all say the sky-active is to new and there is not much out there in terms of pistons, rods, etc.

I thought I would see what the MX-5 was running as it seems to be the Mazda "sports-car" and was shocked to find out it only has the 2.0L motor at 155 horsepower - not much of a sports car. Further more, after comparing all the specs to see they are the exact same - their site says for the Mazda 3 use regular unleaded, but for the same motor under MX-5 it says use premium. Seems like Mazda doesn't even know what they are talking about.

I know OV Tuning has camshafts listed, but they always seem to be out of stock. Other than that I am coming up empty.

Anyway, thought I'd pose the question in case anyone has heard anything.

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Not spouting off - asked a question about engine internals and we've talked about everything but. Also a little hard to take you serious when in one sentence you say the motors are not the same, and then literally the next sentence you say they are pretty much the same. Your words not mine.

I am not doubting the MX-5 is faster, better than the 3 if racing is what your after. And there a likely more parts for the MX-5. However for a top line sportscar I was taken back that it only has 155hp. Considering the Mazdaspeed 3, although heaver produced far better numbers.

I will give you credit tho, I was not aware of the lacking headers in the MX-5.

Lastly, don't mind what I'm hearing and never claimed to know it all - that's why I asked the questions. I respect everyone opinion even if I don't agree with it.

No issues here. Just hoping to find some engine internal parts.

Hope I didn't come across ignorant - wasn't the intention
What makes you think that engine internals for an economy class car would exist at all? Why in the heck would you even consider something like that when better performance cars exist that you can purchase? Seems to me like your suffering from I can mod anything to go faster disease. The cure is simple, learn more about cars, learn that if you want corvette level performance you need to buy a corvette lol. If you can't afford it, save your money instead of trying to make an econobox go faster. Ever heard of the Focus ST? The Mazda 3 Speed? Both are far better platforms for power mods than a base Mazda 3. Fiesta ST with a healthy cobb stage kit? So many better options out there man. If your willing to spend thousands of dollars trying to squeeze another 50hp from a base Mazda 3 then I highly recommend selling/trading your Mazda 3 for something better, factory boosted, and start there. Some may disagree with me, but the fact is simple, you want to go faster, and to do that without wasting money requires a better platform to work with. I highly recommend the Focus ST or Fiesta ST, maybe a Cobalt Turbo(2008-2010), Genesis Coupe? Mustang Ecoboost? Oh and stay away from JDM RHD imports, they require more money than its worth, ask my old Subaru how I learned that. They seem like a wicked deal, but their not, unless you have lots of money and don't require a reliable daily driver.
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rdfrederick87 asked a perfectly reasonable question, in my opinion. Heck, you can even purchase upgraded engine components for a VW Beetle. Cut him some slack!
Many VW beetles come factory turbo'd, easier to work with them versus N/A from factory. Anything is possible with money, but why waste money when you don't have to......
lol For starters, they didn't offer the Speed in 2016, or else I would have picked it up. I didn't by an older one cause I wanted a 0K car to work with and didn't want someones driven hard car to start with. Secondly its call I enjoy building/modifying cars, built 2 cars prior - I am not chasing corvette speed. I enjoy working on cars. Decided I'd give Mazda a try.

Some off us don't like the "off the shelf" and take pride in progressing a car
Fiesta ST, Cobb stage kit, plus suspension, ect ect.......Focus ST, Cobb stage kit, plus suspension, ect ect.......both are not "perfect" off the shelf but do give you a much better platform to work with for power modifications which is obviously what your chasing. You like modding cars, awesome, thats why many of us are here. But you need to be realistic about your desire to gain power from this particular Mazda powertrain, it just wasn't built for it, as you are now finding out. Personally I would have done more research before taking possession of a brand new car that I had plans to modify, especially if power increase is on your list. Your being lambasted simply because you didn't do your research before taking possession and beginning the build. Your over halfway done and only just now researching about power mods, poor planning makes for a poorly finished project. I promise you, your better off trading in the Mazda now for a Focus ST and modding that thru the same process your attempting on the Mazda. It will be a much more enjoyable experience and much more rewarding. Don't let us all stop you either from continuing the Mazda build if that is truly what you desire, but just be prepared for disappointment in the engine modification department. Happy motoring.
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