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well all, i figured i would share my remedy for this issue that developed on my 2015 m3 at about 33k miles.
it developed this clunk noise which was very easy to replicate if you drove over a manhole cover that was slightly below grade...happened everytime. pissed me off bc the car is mint, i recently bought it from someone and he really kept it clean, never even put an air freshener inside so it still smells new...but this clunking noise coming from what sounded like the rightside upper strut tower needed to be dealt with!
after scouring all the forums and dissecting a bit of usefull info from hear and there and of course taking some things apart on the right side to inspect and familiar my self with the componenets i set out to purchase some parts...probably spent around 300 bucks, here the list of what i bought:

2 Bilstein B4 Grand Touring Struts, Rockauto.com, 22240200, 22240217
2 Stock Springs, Tasca OEM Parts, BJS7-34-011A
2 Strut Bearings, Tasca, KR27-34-38X
2 Strut Top Mounts, Tasca, BJS7-34-380
4 Coil Spring Protectors, Tasca, KDY5-34-081

after receiving all parts, i immediately opened up the strut bearings and added more grease, assembled the strut mount and bearing together with silicone grease, inserted 2 coil spring protectors at the top of the coil spring where it contacts the strut bearing, disassembled the original shocks and removed the lower coil spring rubber insulator, bump stop and rubber bellow, reassembled the new struts and installed them, problem solved...according to the tire rack website regarding the bilsteins, they claim a 10% stiffer ride, i agree, but me being familiar with bilsteins, i know over time the new springs and shocks will settle in and soften up, so there you go folks, go fix your clunking

And by the way, the parts that i actually can visually see that failed were in fact the strut bearings, they were all loose with plenty of slop, crappy design, all plastic with microscopic bearings, just designed poorly and will fail...Good luck!
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