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I have a set I bought from ProTuningLabs.com (PTL) for my 2010 Hatch and they seem to work fairly well. And at $39.95 they are certainly the bargain. I like the WeatherTech product but it is significantly more expensive and I do not like having their logo on each piece - if they wanna use my car for advertising they need to pay me for it :laugh2:

However, with the PTL deflectors, I *strongly* recommend that you replace the supplied 3M tape with 3M's stronger tape - the 20 lb.tape. The supplied tape is, I believe, 3M's 10 lb. tape which is not quite as thick. However, while the 20 lb. tape really does the job, the 10 lb. tape is a bit sketchy. I am located in So. Fla and it seems that our brutally hot and humid Summer temps reduce the efficacy of the supplied tape. I believe this because I lost both rear shades within a week of each other and after the 1st one blew off, I was diligent about checking them before I drove anywhere.

Originally, PTL tried to beg off and blame me for improper installation. Improper installation? GMAFB! How hard can it be to clean the mounting surface, peel the tape, and then apply deflector? Circus trained chimps could do this shit. After a bit of back and forth with Kevin in Customer Service, they offered to send me another set for $20. No way.

The original 4 pc. set cost $39.95 incl. shipping, and I only needed the two rear pieces. So they essentially wanted me to pay for for the replacement of the defective units. No way was that gonna happen, homes. When he told me that they have no way of ensuring that they were installed "properly", I took a picture of the window frame which clearly showed several strips of tape that had pulled free from the deflector and remained on the window frame. There is NO way I did that and they grudgingly agreed.

Anyway, just 3 days later I had a complete brand new set in my hands - hats off to PTL for stepping up to the plate and taking care of the problem in a timely and gracious manner!!

However, this time I took ALL of the tape off of ALL the deflectors - even the ones that were still mounted - and replaced it with my 3M 20 lb. tape. And let me tell ya, that 20 lb. tape ain't going nowhere - it holds noticeably more tenaciously than the supplied tape.

Soooo, I can highly recommend the ProTuningLabs.com provided you are willing to replace the tape with what I recommended. But if you fail to do so I'm pretty sure you will come to regret it.

I can say that I have noticed absolutely no increase in wind noise and I really dig the look. They come in very handy on those cool, misty daze when you'd like to get some breeze in the cabin but don't wanna get soaked.

I also recently scored a sweet looking stubby antenna off FleaBay, it cost me all of $7.95 shipped. You can see it in several of the attached pics. I really prefer the look of this antenna to the traditional stubby units, what do you guys think? FYI, it's 7" long and was a perfect fit right outta the box. And my radio reception is as good or better than the (ridiculously long) stock unit. What do y'all think?

Best Wishes,


Piccies attached....


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