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Hey sorry for the late reply. Never got a response on this and instead decided just to do a cheap custom 2.5 inch catback straight pipe. Sounds pretty good but like all muffler deletes without a resonator its a little tinny and has that "exhaust leak" sound to it. Still better than stock IMO. I originally hated the hidden tips but now prefer them than exposed, especially since I lowered the car. It just gives it a cleaner look in the back with them not exposed. Corksport actually just came out with a larger diameter catback (80mm) exhaust but currently only have fitment options for the hatchback. Sedan variant should drop within a couple months though. Its 1k plus shipping but if it sounds good and is louder than the original catback they offered, its well worth it. I didnt buy the original because it wasn't loud enough for me. Hoping someone installs it soon and can offer feedback. Only thing to go off so far is corksports own video post.

After searching a bit more it looks like the length is different. I was undecided about the diffuser since I actually prefer the stock for the clean lines. I ended up getting a custom one as well but just a muffler delete and swapped with a resonator. The first resonator I put in (shop recommended it) was too loud, especially when it was colder out. I didn’t expect it to be but I guess my ears are sensitive. The cruising drone got to me so I swapped it with a vibrant ultra quiet and I think it’s perfect. It also complements my k&n typhoon sri well without drowning it out.

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