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Hey guys,

Just thought I would share my latest fix on my 2014 Mazda3 GS (Japan). A week or so ago I started noticing a hum when driving above 60km/h. Sounded like it was coming from the rear right side wheel. Jacked up the car, no play in the wheel but I was able to feel a noticeable difference between the left and right side with my hand on the back of the hub.

I purchased a new one from Rock Auto (TIMKEN, not sure on the quality) and installed it today, fixed the problem.

1. Jacked the car up, put an axel stand on the rear subframe + left jack in place.
2. Remove wheel (21mm socket)
3. Sprayed 4 x hub bolts with penetrating oil
4. Remove entire brake assembly, 2 x 14mm bolts + removed rotor. Used some wire to hold it out of the way.
5. Removed the ABS sensor at the back of the hub, 10mm socket. Tucked it to the side.
6. Removed 4 x 14mm bolts from back of the hub. I used a large impact gun with a wobble extension to access them all.
7. Was not able to get the hub out with my hands or a hammer, was rusted in place. I used an air chisel to nudge it out and worked around the hub until it popped out
8. Wire brush + cleaned the inside hole where the hub sits.
9. Wire brush + painted the brake air guide/shield.
10. Wire brush + cleaned the 4 hub bolts, applied new blue lock tight.
11 . Re-installed the air guide/shield using two of the bolts to hold it in place.
12. Held the new hub in place and threaded the bolts in by hand.
14. Used a ratchet to tighten the 4 bolts, then a torque wrench to 70 lb-ft (Service manual states between 63-75 lb-ft)
15. Installed ABS sensor into the new hub, screwed 10mm bolt snug (did not use a torque wrench, spec is like 6-7 lb-ft, snug not too tight!)
16. Applied anti-seize to new hub face that contacts the brake rotor, re-installed the rotor.
17. Re-attached the brake assembly 14mm bolts, I believe the torque spec was 38-48 lb-ft.
18. Re-installed wheel
19. Took it around the block and then up to 100km.h and humm was gone.




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I was doing a bit of basic maintenance on a 2011 speed3. Upon opening the battery compartment, I came to find that the white insulation was burnt/melted and what looks like corrosion on the wire. Curious enough, the wire next to it looked Nox Vidmate VLC in good shape.
I haven't looked up wiring diagrams yet to trace this, but I was thinking it goes to the starter.

2018 Mazda 3 GT called Coffee.
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Thanks for sharing this. This will be a future project of mine I'm sure.

I know that Moog makes hub assembly replacements for our gen 3s. I was thinking that I would get those, since they have a very good reputation for making quality stuff that works like OEM, but are just made better.
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