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Hi guys,
I'm looking to increase the rubber-to-the-road (tire patch) for reasons of better grip in cornering and all round safety (rain etc.)... and of course, looks.
The current tire configuration is 215/45R/18 - the car was also lowered with a (Mazda recommended) third party kit and performed by the Mazda dealer.
My main concern is the maximum width allowed, without rubbing issues. 225 or 235 wide? The profile and tire diameter I'd like to keep the same.
If I changed the profile and tire diameter to, let's say, 40R/19, would that have the same "roll" as 45R/18? I kinda think it would or at least be real close.

Would like to hear what your opinions and/or experiences are.

Thanks in advance and have a great day,
Ed Wouters

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Try out this website here. Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride - RIMSnTIRES.com . You can enter in your original tire size and test out other configs to see how they compare. I'm running a similar configuration with my 2015 (on corksport lowering springs) and I just ended up going with a better, more sticky/grippy tire instead of with a wider tire. I'm running the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+, and they grip a lot better in the wet and are all around a better tire than the Dunlops that come with it. It also launches noticeably better as well. Bear in mind my car is making more HP than stock and I still find it satisfactory. If you really wanted to go wider, it seems like 235/40 R18 is the closest to the stock diameter, being only 0.2 inches smaller in overall diameter. Also bear in mind the width of the OEM rim.
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