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Hello everyone, Recently my car started reboot looping. I did a bit of research and found out that i will most likely have to replace my CMU. Since i am out of warrenty my local dealership quoted me $1000 to get a new CMU installed. I felt that the cheapest option for me was to just buy an after market system and install it myself, but i seem to be having a bit of trouble finding a replacement. Could anyone recommend me an infotainment system? My car is a 2014 Mazda 3 S grand touring.

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I have had this issue since winter last year. Strangely enough, it seems to be worse in cold weather. Last year it only happened a hand full of times, but this winter, since morning / evening temps dropped to mid 60's (f) and below it is quite consistent. Almost every morning driving to work and on my way home, it will loop at least once, if not two or three times.

Anyway, as far as replacements go, check ebay maybe? There are sellers who list used parts from totaled cars. You might be able to find a good price on a used CMU. Just make sure it is stated that the unit has been tested and that they will allow refunds if it doesn't work.

Other than OEM, I read a short while back that there is a specific touch screen receiver (maybe a couple) that will work with a factory mounting adapter (I forgot the brand for both, you may have to do some searching). It mounts the receiver in place of the factory screen. The specific receiver is L shaped to fit into that unique space. I am having a tough time finding it myself, but if I do find it I will post the link.

Single DIN

Double DIN

This information from carid.com on the Double DIN Metra dash kit above:

At present (5/9/2018), only the Alpine INE-W967HD and iLX-107 have this design more details on - https://www.carid.com/metra/double-...5-7526b.html?singleid=1137335061&url=78879833

If I have to replace mine and decide to go aftermarket, I was thinking of finding a single DIN receiver with a retracting screen like this one
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