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I recently bought a 2014 Mazda 3 Sport and it was plagued with a clicking sound that seemed to come from the passenger side dashboard. It seemed to happen about a week after buying it. It was driving me nuts since small or large bumps or even accelerating the car from a stop could induce the noise.

Reading on the forums I had thought it was TSB 09-001/14 and was debating whether I should cheap out and do the fix myself or to take it to the dealer. I decided when I got my fog lights installed by my dealership I would have them look into the dashboard noise. Car was out of warranty so would have to pay out of pocket.

Long story short it wasn't the above TSB but they applied TSB 09-16-24 and 09-16-08 which fixed the issue. They wrote they found the cowl bolt needed to re-tight and spacer the gaps.

Before they found the cause, the Service Advisor prepared me it would take at least a couple hours of labor (labor rate is $120 an hour!) and car could be held over weekend since they were planning to take dash apart. I said go for it - I want it fixed! Turns out they didn't need the full 2 hours have to do all of that. Now I'm so happy with this car and I love the fog lights too. Hope the noise never comes back :)
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