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When we bought our 2014 Mazda 3 (without Infotainment - no screen) the phone we paired with it was an LG G4 (TMobile). Just recently that phone died and we replaced it with an LG Stylo 3 Plus (also TMobile). It pairs just fine with the Mazda but when my wife tries to make calls it behaves very weirdly. The calls almost always cut out to radio then back to phone and when I listen on the other end it's very staticy. It ruins the bluetooth call functionality which is a BIG problem because my wife is in the medical field and visits patients' houses all day and so reliable hands-free phone operation is essential.

We know that on the Mazda Connect site the LG G4 is an "approved" phone and any new phone we get today certainly won't be. Is there any way to update the bluetooth functionality if you don't have the "Infotainment" option ? I saw the firmware update thread but it only seems to be talking about a system with a screen.

We might have to go with a third-party bluetooth option (like a SoundBot Bluetooth Car Kit) if our car won't work with a new phone but it seems like there must be some way to avoid that.

Thanks for any advice you folks might have,

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