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Hi all,

I want to share my sad/depressing story recently happened at about my 2014 Mazda 3 i sport (try to be short as possible).
I bought a used 2014 Mazda 3 i sport last year (it had only ~ 6000 mi, no accident history at all).
After about a year of use (and additional ~ 6000 mi of usage), engine light showed up.
I felt some engine rattling during idle, and relatively low rpm at idle (staying at ~500 rpm which I believe it supposed to be ~ 800 rpm).

After a couple of weeks of diagnosing at the Mazda service center, they said "all 4 fuel injectors" have to be replaced because of bad carbon build up, clogging the injector.
I have been using Smith's fuel (which is the same brand as Kroger market at mid-east side) and it's the same fuel with the Shell fuel.
They said few customers had similar issues before so that they had to use different fuel than Smith's/Shell.

Now, the real bad part is that they don't cover this fuel injector problem under the warranty (I still have basic 3-year warranty left with my car) as this "bad" fuel is not their fault.
They ask me ~ $1500 for replacing all 4 fuel injectors.

Honestly, this doesn't sound right as they are blaming fuel companies (which includes Shell, one of the top tier gas!) for their "low-quality gas" instead of Mazda's picky fuel injectors.
For me, it makes more sense that Mazda's fuel injectors are too sensitive to some fuels and it's their mistake (not mine or fuel companies).

Oh, and just for a record, I'm leaving at Albuquerque NM (high altitude at ~1 mile from the sea level).
And have been using both regular (85-86 octane) and mid grade (87-88 octane) gases.

How do you guys think about this problem?
Is there anybody having a similar issue as I had?
If you guys have any comment/suggestion, please let me know.

Thank you.
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