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2014 Mazda 3 - Headlight Level Adjustment

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I needed to raise my headlight level a slightly and found the way to do it from

However I'm unable to make any changes on the driver side. I turned the teeth looking screw towards the middle of my car, but the level stayed the same regardless how many times I turned the screw. I even tried turning the screw in the other direction but nothing..
The passenger side worked pretty good and was able to raise it up a little.
Any idea why I can't even raise even an inch on the passenger side? What am I doing wrong?
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I bought a 10mm ratcheting wrench set that have flex heads from Harbor Freight it made it so much easier to turn the bolt. Do to the limited amount of space there is to turn it, I gave it about 8 turns to the right as your facing the car, which I think would be around 2 full turns and it brought it up even with the passenger side after I gave that side about 1 full turn as well. Now my lights are even and have decent range without blinding anyone since I don't get flashed and I have HIDS to.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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