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Hello everyone!

Some parts of my car were recently painted in Mazda collision center, they have painted the front and rear bumpers, also the hood. But when looking at it, I can see a slight difference. I know the color has a code in Mazda agency, so there is no way it can be wrong (they say). Does anyone know if there was a slight color difference in between versions? or is it the Sun's UV factor changing my old paint color a little bit? or is it something that will get fixed when the polishing is done? (this is not all done yet, but when I came to verify the changes, found these things and told the agent to take a look at these).

I'm bit scared to receive the car in the way it is right now, and later regret because I know there is something not totally well done, hehehe.

Please let me know your thoughts and thanks in advance for your help :)



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