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My Mazda 3 14 SGT HUD(Mono, not the color one since 2017) becomes so dim suddenly.
1. I installed official AA/CP kit a month ago myself, all went well and drove for a month without any problem. Then I went on vacation for a month. Last night I came back and drove for a while, battery, MZD, light… all good as new. I wasn’t paying attention about the HUD(Maybe it wasn’t obvious at night without the sun?)
2. This morning I drove under sun, the HUD so dim, I can’t barely see the speed meter. But does come back to right brightness some times.
3. A) I took out the display and CMU and unplugged and re-plugged, all wires are tight and good. B) I also adjusted the brightness of the Instrument Cluster by using trip calculator stem, and cleaned the whole HUD unit with eye glasses liquid(is it bad?). C) I reset MZD, and also disconnected the battery for 15 minutes. They fixed nothing.
4. I drove again before sunset(sunlight still in the roads). I found out under tunnels, shadows or under sunlight, auto brightness is correct besides driving toward East(I have rear mirror compass). I tested it 3 times, when car faces East, HUD so dim, even after I slide the brightness all the way to the right(under Auto mode). I could be wrong with this unprofessional experiment.
5. Yes. Manual brightness mode works fine, but I want Auto mode. back.
6. I did upgrade AIO to 2.8.3, I don’t think it has anything to do with it.

What’s wrong? Does HUD have different brightness sensors for each direction? Or link between the MZD cut off? Or I need to replaced new one(I am poor)? I will test again tomorrow to see if sunlight direction affects it.
I hope my details helps. Looking forward hear you guys back. Thanks so much
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