I have a set of OEM roof racks for a 3rd gen mazda 3. I have had no luck finding a local buyer and would like them out of my garage so no reasonable offer will be refused. I have all the parts to install, however you'll need to purchase ditch moulding depending on your car:

  • Sedan - Part BHY1-50-9H0 & BHY1-50-9L0
  • Hatchback - Part BHY2-50-9H0 & BHY2-50-9L0
You can search for those part numbers and find various mazda part sites selling them for about $15 each, or you can get them from your local dealer but they will probably charge a bit more. Otherwise everything is here, there's a few scuffs on the bars from them being used but nothing really bad.

If you want a shipping quote let me know where you live and I'll work that up. If you're in Oregon I can meet you to pick them up.