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Ok so ever since I first bought the car, a noise from the rear end was slightly noticeable when hitting a bump in the road. After several years of owning it, I have added an adjustable eibach rear sway bar (set to 180% stock stiffness), eibach prokit lowering springs, and 8x18" wheels (weather permitting). The noise in the last month has increased immensely to the point that I cringe when I have to drive the car. I have already crawled under the car multiple times trying to diagnose the problem and haven't diagnosed any likely culprits, even with the help of reading about similar issues/noises on here. I dragged my buddy in on this to determine that the noise was coming from the Passenger Rear side. I have also been able to determine that the noise is only caused when I turn to the right (at speed). Going over a speed bump the noise does not exist due to the rear suspension having uniform travel. I believed this had something to do with the RSB or the endlinks from others posts, but the endlinks feel fine, and the RSB bushings are still fresh and recently greased. Could it really be the endlinks? I can maneuver them, but it doesn't feel like they have play to make such a large bang. My only other thought is that the right rear shock is going bad (but no visible leaks), or the shock mount is toast, but I haven't had the time to really look into that.

The best way I can describe when the noise happens is during a right turn after the weight transfers from center to the left, it makes the noise as it is returning back to center/to the right at the ending of the turn. Also when the passenger side rear wheel is undergoing a compression, or the driver side rear wheel rebounds from a compression.

Most likely I will order new shock mounts and see if the noise subsides.

Please chime in and let me know what you think, or if you have this same problem and can add to this post.

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Yes it could be the end links. If you are looking with the wheel off the ground, you might not see it. Put the car on ramps so there is no tension on the links. You might find one is loose or damaged. It doesn't take a lot of play to make noise.
Another thing to look for is a small spot where the top of the end link or the outer end of the bar may be hitting something. If the car has been lowered without changing the length of the end link there may be some sort of interference between the end of the bar and the sub frame or body.
Go through all the suspension nuts and bolts with a torque wrench and make sure everything is tightened properly. Check the sway bar bracket fasteners especially as they are a frequent source of mystery clunks.
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