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I want to give as much information as possible so please take the time to read the entire post

Tech package was 4k over the sport model new and with it this is the highest model speed3 and fully loaded it includes:
HID headlights
swiveling headlights
Auto headlights
Rain sensing wipers
Bose 10 speaker system
Keyless entry (walk up push the button on the door)
Push to start
blind spot monitoring
clear LED taillights
infotainment screen w/ navigation, bluetooth, pandora, etc.
Trunk lock button outside
Only the 2013’s came with the large infotainment touchscreen, other tech packages still have the basic radio controls in dash

I bought this car brand new off the lot with 4 miles in Southern California. Moved to Colorado for work about a year ago and it now feels like its time to let this go and get something more practical. Below is a list of modifications, I tried to be as thorough as possible but I may have missed a few little things here and there.

This car has been my daily driver since 2013 where I commuted far between different counties so almost all the miles are highway miles. Because it was my daily driver the mechanical health of this car has been its #1 priority the entire time.

I have ran 7 UOA's (Used oil analysis) between 10,000 miles up to 66,500 miles to ensure the engine breaks in correctly and there wasn’t any damage or excessive wear and tear (I have all reports you can read through each one if you'd like) pervious compression tests have read 180+ PSI across all 4 cylinders with a craftsman guage.

Oil was always changed with Rotella T6 from its first oil change until now
Brakes, pads, fluids are still good to go though it might need an oil change in the next few thousand miles
All in all, the car is mechanically perfect. Feel free to come take a look at the oil analysis and take it for a compression check if you're worried.

Car was always washed, clay bared, and waxed once every 4-6 months. Full professional details including interior happened every 6 months

2 door dings on each side of the car, have been PDR'ed out but you can still see a bit of them
Rear bumper has a small fold from a bolt where a car slowly rolled into me at a stop
Front grill has some damage where a shopping cart hit me
Right side skirt under the car has a long scrape down the side from not having clearance over a curb but its hardly noticeable unless you get under the car

Driver side arm rest along the door has some rips where I would always rest my elbow
Top of steering wheel is a bit worn down so there's some white coming through. Not sure if this is removable or if its the leather wearing away
Glove box door has a scrape where a propane bottle was rubbing agasint

Mods/Things you'll get with the car:

CS Rear Motor Mount
CS shifter bushings
Damond Transmission motor mount
Damond passenger motor mount
CS injector seals
Autotech HPFP Internals
Track Masters ECU Relocation Kit
JBR 3 inch Intake
CPE Top mounted intercooler
CNT Downpipe
CNT Catback
Wedge seat bracket & sliders (not in car)
SPC camber arms
CS Camber Plates
GC Coilovers (500 lbs/in fronts, 650 lbs/in rears...rear shocks have been revalved to support the 650 lbs springs)
Hawk HP Plus brake pads
Centric high carbon rotors
Cobb Access Port v3
AEM meth injection
AEM Solenoid (not installed)
BMSPEC Wing extension
South Bend Clutch Stage 2 Endurance
Damond Oil Catch Can
Enkei NT03 wheels 17x9.5 + 38
Falken Tires
17x7 Steel Wheels
Bridgestone Blizzack WS80
StopTech SS Lines
Hotchkis RSB
AEM Strut Bar
Go Fast Bits - Hybrid Blow off valve/Bypass
OEM Window Visors

Random things you should know:

-Motor mounts are quite stiff. You can feel a bit of the engine vibrating or AC running but its the most comfortable set up compared to other motor mount sets

-The accessport includes tons of tunes...unfortunately I only got one for elevation for 91 gas. It does include (for sea level elevation) 91 tune, 91+methanol tune, 91 + e85 tune, and finally the track set up for protection...91+Methanol+E85 tune.

-Wedge seat brackets include double locking sliders, and sparco side mounts

-One exhaust bolt is too long so it rattles against the flange when its cold starting...once its warm and you’re driving around it makes zero noise

-Camber adjustments are easy front and rear. Fronts use 4 bolts you can access in the engine bay and knock the strut each way...rears are double adjustable so you don’t have to take the wheel off to adjust camber ever time

-Coilovers run Koni Yellow shocks, rebound adjustment has been set to the spring rates on the car but you can swap them much more easily than other coilover systems.

-Hawk HP plus pads do squeal. They're not broken or low on pads, they are high temperature pads that resist brake fade on track but still have enough bite to daily drive so they make some noise at low speed.

-AEM methanol system is trunk mounted with a filter to prevent clogging, the pump runs inside the trunks panels and up into the engine bay into the intercooler.

-Southbend clutch is a stage 2 enduro clutch. It's sintered iron (grabs really hard) on one side and high metal organic on the other (so its easily driveable as a daily). The bolts and bearings were replaced with new OEM bearings at about 60k miles. The newer OEM throw out bearing is the newer and improved TOB that is better at resisting heat.

-Oil Catch can is in the engine bay with a cutout in the bottom so you can drain it easily without taking the entire skid plate off.

-Go fast bits BOV is infinitely adjustable from 0-100% vent so you can be as stealthy or as loud as you'd like.

Any other questions, please feel free to email or text me. I usually answer back pretty quickly but do not pick up unknown phone numbers. So if you must call, please email or text first or I think you're a telemarketer.

I can meet weekends any time
weekdays lunch time and after 4:30 PM

Price is 17000 OBO

Located in Littleton, Colorado

More pics upon request. It just takes forever uploading large files.

Thanks for reading!

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